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Launch Event Access

Access to the Exhibition Launch Event

We aim to make all visitors welcome and are committed to providing full and equal access to everyone.

We understand that access needs are broad and diverse.

Whats The Venue Like

Sadly, the venue has no air con, however, we will be using inside and outside the shop for the event. However, you may want to wear something where you can take layers off, especially if you feel the heat.



We would love for you to take pictures and even better tag us on one of our social media accounts. Please, however, be aware of taking pictures with other people in it. Not everyone will want their photo taken. We have a dedicated photographer who will be able to capture the event and we would be more than happy to share this with you as they will know who not to photograph.

If you are someone who would not like to be photographed, please let the photographer or one of the volunteers in orange know.

Content Warnings

The project focused on reimagining recovery rather than talking about the specifics of trauma. Therefore, it is unlikely that the artefacts may cause distress. However, we have starred any artefact which we think may be considered triggering for you to avoid if you wish. We have a quiet space you can use if needed. There are several of staff and volunteers who are used to working with individuals sensitively. If you would like to speak with one of us please, let someone in an orange t-shirt know.

Admission to this exhibition is free, but if you can please pre-book Here


If you would like to listen to the audio files within the exhibition please bring your own headphones. No headphones, no worries, we have a few options for you to borrow on the day.

The first and second-floor toilets remain open at The Galleries.

Disabled toilets
A RADAR key is required to access the disabled facilities on the ground floor at The Galleries. Though if needed, please speak to a member of The Galleries security, cleaning or centre management to gain access. Click here to see the map of disabled facilities.

Level Access and Lifts

Access is on the ground floor which can be accessed by lifts to all floors.  

The Galleries, including the exhibition space, are designed with accessibility for everyone in mind. The Galleries have ramps, lifts and wide doorways wherever possible.


The Galleries' disabled spaces are located on Level D in the car park, which has direct access to the shopping centre. Please see further details Here.

Places to sit
There is fixed seating available around The Galleries. Within the exhibition, we will have places for you to sit. 

Food and drink

At the Launch Event, we will be offering food and drink. The stores surrounding the exhibition, in The Galleries, will be mostly closed. 

Quiet space

We have tried to create a pleasant, enclosed space for anyone needing access. There are self-soothing objects and our friend 'Hope' the bear. We do understand this space may not be what everyone needs, so if it isn't, please let us know and we will do our best to support you.


The Quiet Space is available when needed during the launch event. 


Our staff and volunteers are around the exhibition wearing orange T-shirts. They are open if you wish to talk, though we promise they are equally happy to simply smile and leave you to your own thoughts if that is what you want.

Covid-19 Measures
The Galleries are ventilated to introduce fresh air which helps remove air that contains virus particles and prevent the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19).

Hand sanitiser will be available at the exhibition. 


You are welcome to continue to wear face coverings, of course, it is important to us you feel comfortable. 

If you test positive for Covid, please consider rescheduling your visit to this exhibition if possible, to help protect those here who may be clinically vulnerable.

We are maintaining a booking system to allow us to ensure capacity is at comfortable levels but ‘walk-ins’ are available.

The latest advice can be found at:
Public Health England  Coronavirus: latest information

There is also information as to how to protect your mental health during Coronavirus at

Screenshot 2023-08-12 at 00.21.51.png
Ground Floor

The exhibition is on the ground floor located with the yellow pin.

The disabled toilets on this level are located by the red star.

Lifts are also located by the red star

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