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Meditate at home

Quiet Space

The Exhibitions Quiet Space


We have tried to create a pleasant, enclosed space for anyone needing access. There are self-soothing objects and our friend 'Hope' the bear. We do understand this space may not be what everyone needs, so if it isn't, please let us know and we will do our best to support you.


The Quiet Space is available when needed during the exhibition opening times.


Our staff and volunteers are around the exhibition wearing orange T-shirts. They are open if you wish to talk, though we promise they are equally happy to simply smile and leave you to your own thoughts if that is what you want.

You may also find helpful information within our list of Frequently Asked Questions.

Our Space

'Hope' our bear can be there for cuddles if you need, but our quiet space is a small area with a curtain to make private.

We have a box full of fidget toys and sensory items we hope can help you ground if you need. We have lighting you can change the colour you find most calming. If you need some headphones we have these too to block out some noise, coupled with a reading book and colouring book too we hope this space provides you some calm.

We are filling up the board with various affirmations and you can add yours too if you like as we know everyones, healing hand can look different.
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